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Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

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  2. Jan 14,  · Last Night A DJ Saved My Life is a charitable foundation creating fundraising initiatives for the electronic music industry & beyond in support of children in crisis.
  3. Lyrics to 'Last Night A Dj Saved My Life' by InDeep: Last night a deejay saved my life Last night a deejay saved my life, yeah ‘Cause I was sittin’ there bored to death And in just one breathe he said “You got get up, you got get up, you got get down girl”.
  4. There are two distinct artists called Indeep (or In Deep). One a s New York-based new wave group best known for its post-disco classic "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life.
  5. Last night a DJ saved my life Last night a DJ saved my life with a song Hey listen up to your local DJ You better hear what he's got to say There's not a problem that I can't fix Cause I can do it in the mix And if your man gives you trouble Just you move out on the double And you don't let it trouble your brain Cause away goes troubles Down.
  6. Apr 15,  · Directed by Tim Van Someren. With Barry Bloxham, Natalie Amanda Gray, David Hasselhoff, Shane Richie Jr.. David Hasselhoff (Baywatch) is a die-hard thrill-seeker and Ibiza's top 80's DJ. Clueless to the fact that a new decade has dawned - disco is out, a new club scene is in - he recruits his much-younger girlfriend, Kim Tiddy (The Bill) to help him keep up with the times/10(12).
  7. Episode 4 This week on Two Mics Up with the current volatile social climate we wanted to change the mood of show and discuss something upbeat. Today we have the pleasure of interviewing two DJ's who are taking time out of their schedules to provide us with a little happiness through music. Sit back and relax and let's all hear what it is like from a DJ's perspective as they continue to provide.
  8. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life is a book written by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton about the history of DJing published in A compilation album of the same name was released with the book. The album contains various clips ranging from s reggae to Handel's Largo, the first song to reach radio airwaves, in The book takes its name from the Indeep single "Last Night a DJ Saved My.
  9. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life is a comprehensive history of DJing over the last century and how innovative techniques spawned new genres of music/5.

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