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  1. A contradiction is a situation or ideas in opposition to one another. Declaring publicly that you are an environmentalist but never remembering to take out the recycling is an example of a contradiction. A "contradiction in terms" is a common phrase used to describe a statement that contains opposing ideas.
  2. The law of contradiction in things, that is, the law of the unity of opposites, is the basic law of materialist dialectics. Lenin said, "Dialectics in the proper sense is the study of contradiction in the very essence of objects."[] Lenin often called this law the essence of dialectics; he also called it the kernel of dialectics. []In studying this law, therefore, we cannot but touch upon a.
  3. Nov 14,  · Contradiction Lyrics: What's good, boy / (Contradiction) / We meet again good friend / You see the stars come down to meet you / You look like the last time / .
  4. A contradiction is two propositions used in combination where one makes the other impossible. It is something that is A and non-A at the same time. A contradiction, therefore, cannot exist in reality, since existence exists (whereas a contradiction could not possibly exist). In the cognitive process, reaching a contradiction as a conclusion or.
  5. You have to think of your brand as a kind of myth. A myth is a compelling story that is archetypal, if you know the teachings of Carl Jung. It has to have emotional content and all the themes of a great story: mystery, magic, adventure, intrigue, conflicts, contradiction, paradox.
  6. Contradictions definition, the act of contradicting; gainsaying or opposition. See more.
  7. Synonyms & Antonyms of contradiction 1 someone or something with qualities or features that seem to conflict with one another a loving father as well as a ruthless killer, the gangster is a living contradiction.
  8. Contradiction definition is - act or an instance of contradicting. How to use contradiction in a sentence.
  9. May 08,  · (countable, uncountable) The act of contradicting. His contradiction of the proposal was very interesting.· (countable) A statement that contradicts itself, i.e., a statement that makes a claim that the same thing is true and that it is false at the same time and in the same senses of the terms. There is a contradiction in Clarence Page's statement.

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